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Refund Policy

It is expected that you will have persued and acknowledged the accompanying terms and conditions before accepting service from us or making payments. By accepting our terms and conditions, or by enlisting with us, or getting any administrations from us, you
(i) Ensure that you are 18 years or older;
(ii)Pronounce that you have the lawful rights and/or power to speak to yourself or the organization on behalf of whom you are accepting the agreement;
(iii) Have perused and comprehended the whole terms and conditions document;
(iv) Recognize that we can depend upon the data you give;
(v) Concur that by accepting, you are bound by this agreement.

PAYMENT, REFUNDS, UPGRADING AND DOWNGRADING TERMS Customers need to have a valid credit card for availing the services online. Linksyshelpsupport can whenever acknowledge or dismiss an interest made via a credit card. Linksyshelpsupport services start from the minute on Which the understanding is contracted and the payment is made. For more than a monthly plan, the service is charged beforehand. In the event that any client does not get fulfilled by the services of Linksyshelpsupport or does not get an answer for a solitary issue about his PC inside 7 days from the date of Payment; the client will get refund from the association. However, if in case one issue is resolved, the client won't get full refund. Linksyshelpsupport holds the right to cut down a minimum of 25% of the total payment charged. All our service charges are inclusive of taxes, levies, or duties imposed by taxing authorities of USA. We don't save any credit card information of the customers without their consent.

MODIFICATIONS TO THE SERVICE AND PRICES We reserves the right to change, cease, suspend or permanently stop a service without any notice at any point of time. Our service prices of a monthly subscription plan are subject to a change on a notice period of 30 days. Changes will be either updated on our website or e-mailed to your registered account. In case a client offers a debit card number instead of a credit card, Linksyshelpsupport is authorized to charge all the just charges that the company thinks right. In the event the customer is enrolled or gets enrolled in an automatic payment or electronic funds transfer arrangement, an accord must be worked upon with an aim that amounts herein will be charged at our avowal to an account number so chosen for any kind of automatic payment or electronic funds transfer program. In case a payment is also made through a credit card or debit card, it will adhere to terms and conditions of the card issuer.